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Coffee dictionary

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Coffee dictionary

There are always words you can learn about coffee, it does not matter if you are an experienced coffee drinker or a starter.


Arabica - The best quality coffee beans are Arabica beans.

Arabusta - This bean is a crossing between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. And it took the best characteristics of both beans.

Aroma - The smell of distilled coffee.

Caffeine - The caffeine will give the coffee a stimulating effect.

Coffee bush - A coffee tree which was pruning frequently and became a coffee bush.

Coffee house - A public place where people drank coffee and a part of society was happening.

Coffee roasting - After heating the beans will get the bean a recognizable taste and aromatics.

Coffee tree - The coffee tree is a wild grown tree, it will reach a great height around 6 up to 10 meters.

Coffeeberry – The fruit which contains two coffee beans mostly.

De Clieu - France marine officer who made a rough sea journey to the coffee plantation in Martinique (an island near South-America). He was the founding father of the France coffee culture.

Decaffeinated coffee - Coffee without caffeine.

Dry method - The peeling process by drying and peeling of the berries, to get coffee beans out of it.

Fermentation - The process to degenerate the pulp separated from the rest, by using water.

Hemileia Vastratix Berkeley – The mould which is responsible for the leave rust (leaf rust sickness).

ICO - International Coffee Organization, founded in 1962. The members are located in the produced and consumed countries. Together will they take care of their belongings, based in the coffee covenant.

Instant coffee - Coffee which can be made by mixing the powder with hot water.

Kaffa – Province inside Ethiopia, there was coffee founded.

Kahweh – Turkish word that stands for coffee. The meaning is strongness and strength.

Kaldi – The goatherd of a coffee legend.

Leaf rust – Fungus on leaves of a coffee plant or tree. It shows brown spots on the leaves when it has left rust.

Liberia – The highest coffee tree of the kind Coffea Liberica.

Mixing silos – Heigh towers with different kinds of coffee beans, it will be mixed to a prefered blend.

Nicolaas Witsen – The mayor of Amsterdam at the 17th century on the island Jaca. He was a proponent of own coffee culture.

Parchment - The outside membrane around a coffee bean.

Pearl bean - Sometimes the coffeeberry contains just one bean, that is called the pearl bean. Normally it contains two beans inside a berry.

Peeling machine - The machine which removes the horn shell and silver fleece.

Peg root – The root which will grow five meters deep under the ground, this is also the head root.

Pieter van den Broecke - The first trader who sold coffee on the Dutch market.

Quawa - Arabic meaning for coffee, with the meaning: "the exciting".

Rhazes - An Arabic doctor who advised coffee to his patients around 900 before Christ.

Robusta - Coffee variation with less quality than Arabica, but it has more gain after each harvest.

Rubiaceae – Family of rough leaves (included coffee plants and trees).

Seedling – Young coffee plant, which is around three years old.

Shrinkage – The loss of weight while the roasting process.

Slusher - Machine for removing the outside peel, cracks the pulp and removes it. The pulp will be separated from the coffee beans.

There are always words you can learn about coffee, it does not matter if you are an experienced coffee drinker or a starter.

Vegetable mould - The food for a coffee plant, it contains a mix of rotten leaves and earth.

Wett method - Proces to separate mature and immature coffee beans by water.


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