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Coffee plants and trees

Coffee plants and trees

What is a coffee plant or tree?
The coffee plant (Coffea) is a gender of wood plants. The most variations are coming from tropic Africa and having their origins from Ethiopië. Madagascar has fourteen different kinds of coffee plants. In addition, has the East African Island three different kinds of plants too. All those kinds of threes and plats can be grown to a creeping, bush or linear shape. The tree can reach an age of sixty years, a plant will be 15 up to 40 years old. It will be a tree or plant, depends on the trimming method. The plants or trees will give their first fruit after seven years.

The trunk will grow to great heights. On plantations will the farmer trim the trunks. The height depends on the pick method, wild trees can reach sixteen meters in height.

The leaves are green for the whole year. It feels like leather and is oblong. The Arabica's leaves can reach a size of around ten to fifteen centimetres long. The other variations have a length of thirteen centimetres.

Flowering time
The coffee plant or tree will have its flowering time the whole year. Each trunk will grow a flower with red and/or green berries. The age of a plant or tree can be recognized with checking the armpit of the leaves. The most field having their plants sorted on ages (8 up to 30 years).

After flowering, time will make the plant or tree fruit. The maturing process will take eight up to x months and depends on the kinds of fruit. The fruit is dark green and will be lighter, the berries are red on the end. Inside the berries are two seeds (beans).


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